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Paint Protection Film

FirstCut paint protection film should be your first choice for protecting your car's appearance from everyday road hazards. It fits every car like a glove and continues to be the industry leader in paint protection for makes and models of every kind. Keep your bumper, hood, mirrors, and headlights looking newer, longer with FirstCut.

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Paint Protection Patterns

Why Use FirstCut Car Paint Protection?

FirstCut has been tested worldwide with results that prove our product is the strongest and clearest paint protection film on the market today.

  • UV Stable
  • 100% Protection
  • Highest Optical Clarity
  • Can Be Washed & Waxed
  • Protection From Gravel & Bugs
  • Computer-Cut For A Perfect Fit
  • Leaves No Residue When Removed

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Looks Good, Sells Better

FirstCut is the toughest chip paint protection films on the market. It is twice as stone resistant as the leading competitor. Maintaining your cars appearance could give car owners an advantage or possibly even help trade-in and resale values.


Test Typical Value Typical Value (Metric) Test Method
Product Thickness Total 8.5 mils 215.9 microns PSTC–133
Thickness (Carrier) 6.5 mils 165.1 microns PSTC–133
Thickness (Adhesive) 2.0 mils 50.8 microns PSTC–133
Thickness (Liner) 3.0 mils 76.2 microns PSTC–133
Peel Adhesion 60 oz/in 16.7N/25mm PSTC–101
Shear Strenght >168 hours >168 hours PSTC–107
Tensile Strenght 54 lb/in 240.3 N/25mm PSTC–131
Elongation 760% 760 %  
Minimum Continous Temperature -10 °F -23 °F  
Minimum Continous Temperature 212 °F 100 °F  
Minimum Intermittent Temperature 240°F 116 °F  

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